Our Axion Inflatable Event Tents are well suited for use as armed forces event tents due to their robust construction and reliability. We have supplied tents to RAF Marham, RAF Coningsby, RAF Cadets, RAF Odiham, Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team and many other units within the armed forces.

Axion all-weather inflatable event tents are quick to erect and take down with minimal labour. This makes them ideal for use as armed forces event tents at locations across the UK where they provide reliable shelter, regardless of the weather.

Axion event tents can be branded in full colour over 100% of the external surface making our event tents stand out from the crowd. Whether you need a standard colour or a special corporate colour tent with just text or a logo, or a full colour image such as on the RAF Chinook tent, or on the RAF Marham tents our manufacturing processes can meet your requirements.

Available in sizes with a covered floor area of 10m2 to 74m2, Axion inflatable event tents can also be linked together with tunnels to make an event village. For example, take a look at the tent village provided by us to the RAF Cadets. The set of inflatable event tents supplied to the RAF Cadets consists of larger Axion Hexa and Spider tents as well as many smaller Axion Square tents, all of which can be connected with matching tunnels.

The Axion Hexa inflatable event tent can provide from 38 to 56m2 of covered floor area, the Axion Spider from 35 to 74 m2 and the Axion Square from 16 to 49m2 of sheltered floor area. All of these tents can be supplied with various types of side walls, visors over the entrances, ground sheets, lighting and many more options. They cal all be supplied with tunnels to interconnect them to make a complete tent village with larger spaces for groups of people connected to smaller offices or work spaces.