Inflatable Columns, Tubes, Signs & Walls

Get maximum impact with a large branded inflatable column, tube, sign or wall!

Inflatable Columns/Tubes & Inflatable Blocks

Get maximum advertising impact with our giant inflatable shapes such as a 3m tall branded column, or a tall inflatable block! Made specifically for exhibition use, or custom-made to order for special applications, our inflatable columns/tubes, inflatable blocks or bespoke inflatable shapes make a great choice for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Whether you’re looking to make a bigger advertising impact or you want to draw attention to your event stand or exhibition space, our team can design, manufacture and brand your inflatable shape. Durable, lightweight and easy to setup, our inflatable columns/tubes, blocks and bespoke shapes are the perfect way to make a visual impact at any PR or marketing event, indoor or outdoor. With a wide choice of materials, colours and bespoke design, we always endeavour to design and manufacture your advertising inflatable for maximum impact.

Inflatable Signs/Walls

Bold, impactful and quick to inflate, our range of inflatable signs/walls will make sure your message doesn’t get overlooked. A simple yet powerful way to deliver a message at events and exhibitions, these inflatables work well for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy to set up and extremely versatile, our inflatable signs walls can be moved around multiple locations, from forecourt to event showground, to suit your needs.

Large Billboards

We also make inflatable billboards in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. A simple yet powerful way to deliver a message at events and exhibitions, these inflatables work well for both indoor and outdoor use and will make sure your message doesn’t get overlooked. Easy to set up and extremely versatile, our inflatable billboards can be moved around multiple locations with ease. Contact us for details about this product.

Set Up Process

Ready to use in as little as 5 minutes, each advertising inflatable comes complete with a maintenance kit and a pump to inflate and deflate the product. These inflatables products are quick and easy to erect and once inflated, that’s literally it until you need to take them down! They require very little maintenance, and as they don’t need a mains electricity supply or a continuously running fan they have no running costs!

As well as successful product launches and events, our advertising inflatables have been used as props for photo shoots and have even appeared in TV advertisements. So whatever application you require an advertising inflatable for, we will work with you to ensure the finished product matches your exact requirements.

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Advertising Inflatable Projects

Inflatable Columns/Tubes

Our sealed inflatable columns/tubes are slimmer and more attractive than traditional fan blown inflatables. This is possible because they are inflated to a higher pressure than fan blown inflatables and then sealed by closing the valve. When its time to take them down you simply unscrew the valve and let the air out, or use the pump in reverse to suck it out.

They also offers better stability and weather resistance and as they are sealed inflatables, there is risk of collapse and no blower noise. they are easily and quickly installed and safe to use at any event. All sizes of our inflatable column/tube come with the option of zip-off sock covers so one tube can be used with different designs or brands without the need for multiple purchases. Other options include ballast plates for when guy ropes are impractical and inside illumination, perfect for evening events.

Dimensions and Technical

Inflatable Columns
Inflatable Tubes
Height "Y" (cm) 250250300300300
Diameter "O" (cm)3848384860
Weight (Kg) 56789
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Inflatable Signs/Walls

Our Inflatable Sign/Wall can be used as a backdrop, dividing wall, inflatable advertising hoarding or inflatable sign at outdoor events and exhibitions. It is slim and rigid when inflated and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With proper anchoring it can withstand the same wind load as a heavy duty solid display.

Our Inflatable Sign/Wall is also perfectly suited to indoor events as it doesn’t rely on a continuously running and often noisy inflation fan. This is due to its sealed inflation technology, allowing it to be inflated and left in position for the duration of an event.

As an option, LED lights can be installed in the top edge of the inflatable advertising wall for an eye catching effect. Available in 3 sizes and with changeable printed “socks” or banners that pull over the core structure, it is highly versatile and can be used over and over again with different branding or message.

Dimensions and Technical

Inflatable Signs/WallsWALL 250-320WALL 250-410WALL 300-410
Height "Y" (cm) 250250300
Width "X" (cm)320410410
depth (cm) 101010
Weight (Kg) 233035
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