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Inflatable Arches & Triathlon Buoys

Branded Inflatable Start/Finish Line Arches

Versatile and attention-grabbing, our inflatable start/finish line arches offer an ideal advertising solution for a whole host of indoor and outdoor events and they are available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. They’re a great way to mark the start or finish line at many types of sporting events, or can be used to make the entrance/exit gateway at any outdoor event or showground visible from a distance.

Not only are our inflatable arches and tubes quick and easy to brand, but we also provide a full delivery and installation service to take the hassle out of set-up. We are able to print your chosen artwork/corporate branding directly onto the inflatable’s sides, or if you’d prefer, we can add the design onto removable Velcro panels. Using Velcro panels gives you the flexibility to rebrand your arch for future events.

Whether you need a simple off-the-shelf branded half-arch or a giant bespoke start/finish arch, our in-house design team can create the effect you require – just let us know what you are after!

Inflatable Buoys and Floats for Watersports Events

We offer range of sealed inflatable buoys made specifically for use as route markers or advertising floats at watersports events such as triathlons. Made from heavy duty PVC coated fabric, they are designed to be stable and hold their position on the water and are safe to use on a lake or in the sea.

The range includes a variety of shapes including: cubes, cylinders, pyramids, fences, cones and sausage tubes. All are available in a variety of sizes and can be printed with your custom artwork offering great advertising opportunities.

Contact us today to get your sporting event off to a flying start with one of these versatile sporting inflatables.

Sports Event Inflatable Projects

Inflatable Arches – Angled

Our inflatable arches have a slimmer and wrinkle free look compared to traditional fan blown inflatable arches. This is achieved through the higher internal pressure enabled by the sealed design, i.e. you inflate it once and then remove the pump leaving the arch fully inflated until you are ready to deflate it and pack away. This design better stability and weather resistance, and as it is a sealed inflatable there is no risk of collapse and no fan/blower noise.

Our inflatable arches can be easily and quickly installed and are safe to use at any event. The angled inflatable arch is the most common shape used at sports events as it provides a large design space enabling your branding to have a big impact. .

Dimensions and Technical

Inflatable Arches - Inflatable Start/Finish Arch, Inflatable Entrance Arch
Inflatable ARCHESARE 400-48ARE 500-60ARE 600-60ARE 800-80ARE 1000-80
Width "X" (cm) 4005006008001,000
Width "Z" (cm) 304380480640840
Height "Y" (cm)260320380460480
Height "U" (cm)212260320380400
Tube Diameter O (cm)4860608080
Weight (Kg)30.03540.047.350.5

Other sizes are available see the full range on our Axion website
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Inflatable Arches – Round

Our sealed rounded inflatable arches have a slimmer look than traditional inflated arches. This is achieved through having a higher internal pressure because our arches are inflated once and then sealed until you wish to take them down. They also offer better stability and weather resistance and as they are sealed inflatables, there is no collapse risk and no blower noise. It is easily and quickly installed and safe to use at any event.

Dimensions and Technical

Inflatable Arches - Round Inflatable Start/Finish Arch, Round Inflatable Entrance Arch
Inflatable ARCHESARR 600-80ARE 800-96ARE 1000-96
Width "A" (cm) 440608808
Width "B" (cm) 6008001000
Height "C" (cm)300384429
Height "D" (cm)380480525
Tube Diameter O (cm)809696
Weight (Kg)44.051.759.5
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Product Options

Start/Finish Arches

We’ve designed and manufactured inflatable arches and floats for a wide range of clients, and have an extensive selection of products for you to choose from. Our inflatable arches fall into two main categories; sealed air arches and constant air flow arches.

What’s the difference?

Sealed air arches take around 10 to 20 minutes to inflate (depending on size) but feature a very durable airtight outer layer. This means that, once inflated, the arch or tube can be left in place as it is (without the need for a constant air supply) making it an ideal choice for events, exhibitions, or locations where you have a limited access to an electrical power supply.

Non-sealed air arches can be inflated much quicker, but they require a constant air supply to keep them inflated. Our non-sealed air arches need to be powered by a 230V power source, and are kept inflated by a quiet but powerful fan located at the base of each arch leg.

Not sure which inflatable arch is best for your event? One of our team will be happy to discuss your options. Please get in touch if you’d like us to help.

Buoys and Floats

We offer inflatable buoys and floats in 6 different shapes, each of which can be made in a variety of sizes. The standard shapes are: cubes, pyramide, cylinder, cone, horizontal tube and fence, (a horizonal tube of triangular cross section). Sizes avaiable are from 1m to 3m in diamater/width and from 1m to 3m tall.

Not sure which inflatable buoy is best for your event? One of our team will be happy to discuss your options. Please get in touch if you’d like us to help.

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