The charity Help for Heroes attend many outdoor events each year to bring awareness and raise funds for this very worthy cause. Having a very conspicuous and fully branded event tent helps visitors to find their stand easily and also attracts casual passers by to stop and look in on the work of this great charity. Their Axion Spider 8m inflatable event tent is fitted with two visors over the entrances and suits their needs perfectly. It takes just minutes to erect or de-rig and pack away and once deflated in can be carried by one person and fits easily into the boot of a small hatchback.

The event tent can be inflated from a 230V mains supply, 12 Volt car battery, or a hand pump (any of these can be supplied with the tent). Once inflated the pump can be put away as the air chambers are sealed and so do not require a continuously running and noisy fan like so many other inflatable structures.

We are sole UK suppliers for the Axion range of event tents which offers 8 different designs and from 11 to 125 m2 of floor space. Contact us for free and helpful advice for your event structure needs, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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