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Branded Inflatables and Product Replicas

Fun and effective branded inflatable products for marketing and events

Branded Inflatable Products

Need a quirky, fun and impactful way to promote a new product or brand? A branded inflatable product could be just what you’re looking for. Cost effective and memorable, branded inflatable products are a great way to support an event and reinforce your marketing. From large product replicas that are sure to grab the public’s attention at a launch party, to small promotional inflatables ideal for giveaways and competitions, our team are able to recreate your product as a perfect inflatable version or add your branding to a fun giveaway.

We’ve designed and manufactured inflatable products for some of the world’s leading brands including Mulberry, Volvic, Aussie Hair, Air Ireland and many more. Our in-house design team will work with you every step of the way to ensure the finished branded inflatable matches the real produst and your exact company or event requirements. So whether you’re after a one off 10ft tall replica drinks bottle, or 2,000 small inflatable aeroplanes, we can design and make all sizes and unit volumes…. just let us know what you need.

Large Product Replicas

Make a huge impact with a fully branded giant inflatable replica

Durable, lightweight and easy to erect, our inflatable product replicas are the perfect way to make a massive visual impact at any PR or marketing event, indoor or out. Our in-house creative design team are able to design and manufacture inflatable reproductions of virtually any product and have worked with a wide variety of leading brands including: We Buy Any Car, Mulberry, KFC and many other great brands.

With a wide choice of materials, colours and customised designs available, we always endeavour to make your inflatable product look as close to the real thing as possible. As well as successful product launches and events, our inflatable replicas have been used as props for photo shoots and have even appeared in TV advertisements. So whatever use you require an inflatable replica for, we will work with you to ensure the finished product matches your requirements as closely as is possible with an inflatable.

Inflatable Product Promotion Projects

Branded Inflatable Giveaways

Our best-selling branded inflatables for giveaways are – inflatable toys and gifts such as animals, beach balls, lilos, and sports equipment, etc.

Point of Sale Inflatables

There’s a reason we’re the leading UK designer and supplier of all point of sale branded inflatables. With a full service offering covering design and production, right through to delivery, our range of inflatable products caters to on-pack offer programmes, in-store promotional designs, sampling offers, direct mailers, music and concert events, and more!

From small one off bespoke designs that only require a few hundred units, to global multi-million unit programmes that will follow a MNC product launch, our talented team can work with you to create the exact branded inflatable you’re after.

Inflatable Product Replicas

We have a range of standard shape inflatable drinks bottles and cans, however if these don’t fit your requirements we can design and manufacture inflatable replicas in all shapes and sizes. Our design team will work with you to design and brand each inflatable exactly the way you need it so that it appears as realistic as possible.

Here are our standard sizes:

* Our standard inflatable drinks bottles range from 2m to 4m tall and 55cms to 110 cms in diameter.
* Our standard inflatable drinks cans range from 2m to 3m tall and 80cms to 120 cms in diameter.

As well as design, manufacture and advice on installation, our inflatable product replicas are supplied with all the necessary accessories you need for use and storage.

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